About us

UNIA STALOWA was formed by the steel companies: BUDMAT, KOSNORCJUM STALI, MAXSTAL and SERWISTAL. Shareholders of UNIA STALOWA combines many years of experience in distribution business and in various sectors related to the steel processing. In November 2013 Unia Stalowa joined another strong steel service center and steel processor, the company Sambud-2
What unites us is the need for consolidation of processes associated with the activity of our own Steel Service Centers.

Working as a team while maintaining the independence of our business we are able to offer
our customers a wider range of products, on-time and more efficient distribution and innovation. Unia Stalowa creates for each of us added value of purchasing power, exchange of experiences, shared best practices and expertise in ways no single Steel Service Center can. Collectively we represent annual revenues exceeding 900 mln USD.

Based on the knowledge and experience acquired over the years by our executives we
are shaping a common purchasing policy for our own steel service centers by building strategic partnerships with the carefully selected, superior suppliers who guarantee the highest quality in both steel vendors as well as service providers. UNIA STALOWA offers its suppliers a significant and stable volumes and the security of transactions based on the financial strength of Shareholders.

UNIA STALOWA invites you to cooperation. We expect from our business partners solutions that increase profitability and reduce operating costs and the use of market opportunities for mutual benefit, while ensuring long-term strategic cooperation.